NBC: New York City Marathon Canceled

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NEW YORK CITY, N.Y. — Mayor Michael Bloomberg canceled Sunday's ING New York City Marathon on Friday evening because parts of the city were still suffering from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, several news outlets reported. 

Bloomberg originally said the race would not have diverted resources from storm recovery, but the decision to run the race had drawn considerable criticism. Read the rest of NBC News' story

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Comments (5)

It was insane to think with most of us underwater and without electricity that a marathon would boast the economy. The race begins in Staten Island - has anyone noticed how devastated Staten Island is? The $3million does not have to be lost if you just postpone it for another time. Seriously now is just not the best time to do this. Glad it was cancelled.

A lot of local businesses are losing money they would have made from the marathon. The $3 million the race hosts were going to contribute to hurricane relief is also lost because people are wanting their money back from registration now. It was a lose-lose situation.

Anyways, I was in NYC yesterday. People were out and about carrying on with their lives.

It was SO stupid to think that race should continue.

It was SO stupid to think that race should continue.