Top Stories 2012: Peekskill's Kindergarten Boom

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This year saw a rise in the number of kindergarteners at Woodside Elementary School. Photo Credit: Art Cusano

PEEKSKILL, N.Y. — More Peekskill kindergarteners got off the buses in September than in other recent years, making this one of the top stories of 2012 in Peekskill.

The district's total student enrollment for the 2012-13 school year stands at 3,047, up from 3,024 last year.

Much of that increase can be attributed to the number of students who started kindergarten this fall at Woodside Elementary School. The number of children starting kindergarten is up from 226 last year to 289 this year.

This year, the school added three kindergarten classes for a total of 13 to accommodate the influx of new students.

First-grade teacher Bridget Holloman was reassigned to teach kindergarten, and teacher Dilenia Martinez was brought in from another school. Teacher Melina Cronin was hired to teach the third of the three new kindergarten classes.

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