Poll: Barack Obama Or Mitt Romney, Peekskill?

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Will voters in Westchester choose Barack Obama or Mitt Romney?
Will voters in Westchester choose Barack Obama or Mitt Romney? Photo Credit: Contributed

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are close in the national polls but who's ahead in your neck of the woods on the eve of the presidential election?


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Comments (10)

America got it wrong. It is hard to have somebody as capable as Mitt Romney to run, let alone facing the adversities that he will inherit from Obama. Rome is burning, open your eyes.

Lets see, immediately after Sandy 7.5mm people without power and now, 1 week later we are down to 1mm; food, clothing and fuel distributed by FEMA and local authorities within 24 hours of the storm hitting, prepositioned supplies and trucks again by FEMA. Yep, just like Bush and Katrina.

Stop spouting the same drivel as Sean Hannity and open your eyes.

You seem to contradict your thesis. Do you mean Obama's storm is like Bush's storm?

Obama handled Sandy well are you kidding me...he made a photo opportunity and then hit the campaign trail...where is he helping the people of Staten Island and NJ? How long did it take to get them water, generators? All that equipment should have been flown in within 24 hours of assessing the damage and it wasn't until days later. Then add to that is blatant lying about what happened in Libya. God help this country if he is reelected President

Yes, its like that old saying "as Chappaqua goes, so goes the rest of the country" . Thanks for the laugh. I don't think Chappaqua even represents of all Westchester let alone all of the US.

I want Obama to win, the way he handle the situation of Sandy hurricane is awesome. He didn't attend his campaign due sandy. Cross finger for Obama.
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Hope Romney is the winner in this election! The person in the White House had his day in the sun with his brainwashing line of Hope and Change". Didn't see it, didn't vote for him, and won't vote for him tomorrow!! The snake and medicine show of socialism needs to take a hike!!

Chappaqua a microcosm of the country? Talk about being deep in the Repub bubble.

Wow. Armonk is going for Romney? Armonk sure has changed since I went to Byram Hills many years ago. What happened? I was on the website to see how Armonk was faring after Sandy and extend my sympathy. But was surprised to see this poll. I'd heard that Armonk was a 1% community now but couldn't envision it. So, do folks all have their own generators keeping them going post-Sandy? Or is everyone staying at hotels with power? Or off to their vacation homes with power? I remember the days when a blackout in Armonk meant kerosene lamps and the fireplace going.

The Chappaqua Patch pol has Ronney at 51%, Obama at 45% as of today. This is a microcosm of the country: Romney will win with 51% of the vote.