Police: Peekskill Man Had Fake Explosives, Phony Cop ID

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The vehicle of a man arrested Wednesday afternoon after impersonating a police officer in Peekskill. Photo Credit: Peekskill Police
Jarrett Wright, 29, of Peekskill, was arrested Wednesday after being pulled over for a traffic infraction. Photo Credit: Peekskill Police

PEEKSKILL, N.Y. – A Peekskill man was arrested Wednesday evening after officers found him with a fake police badge and a phony explosive device, police said.

The suspect, Jarrett Wright, 29, of Peekskill, was pulled over while driving near Main Street and James Street at about 5:50 p.m.

"An officer pulled a car over for a traffic infraction and found the operator of the vehicle to be wearing a suspicious vest and had in his possession a realistic-looking handgun, which turned out to be a BB gun, and a badge around his neck," said Peekskill Police Lt. Eric Johansen. "He claimed to be a police officer, which he obviously wasn't."

The vest contained a clay-like substance that may have been an explosive device, which led police to alert the Westchester bomb squad and ATF to investigate the vehicle. The vest was later found not to be an explosive device.

Wright was charged with impersonating a police officer. The case remained under investigation. It has not been determined where Wright was driving to when he was arrested, Johansen said.

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not only should he be locked up for awhile but first they should have taken him to four winds as well

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