Westchester Will Forfeit $5.2M In Housing Grants

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WESTCHESTER, N.Y. -- Westchester County is set to lose $5.2 million in grants from the federal government, according to a report from LoHud.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development gave Westchester County two weeks to come into compliance with the 2009 fair housing settlement, according to the LoHud report. The community development grants were awarded in 2012 but have been withheld because of lack of compliance, according to the report. More than $7 million in grants from 2011 were withheld in 2013, according to the report.

"Unfortunately, Westchester refuses to comply with Federal anti-discrimination law and sign a statement to affirmatively further fair housing," said HUD Acting Deputy Secretary Helen Kanovsky in the LoHud report. 

Click here to read the entire story from LoHud.

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Comments (4)

Thanks Astorino. for putting politics before the people.

You seem to be somewhat misinformed. HUD is the one playing politics, with their grand vision of social engineering. Astorino is actually putting the people of Westchester first, who elected him to do just that. Why do liberals and HUD equate economic discrimination with racial discrimination? If I were a minority I would be offended that my government thinks that I am incapable of achieving through my own hard work and that the only way I can get ahead in life and live in an affluent community is if the government forces the issue on my behalf. Talk about racial stereotyping- that's about as egregious as you can get.

This excerpt from the article is completely one-sided. Terrible reporting by the journalist, Nathan Bruttell. The issue here is that the Federal Government wants to take zoning oversight away from local municipalities so that it can throw condo units and multi family houses anywhere they'd like. I'm from the old school. Work hard, live where you want. There is nothing discriminatory about zoning laws in Westchester. It's nobody's fault that "mostly white communities" are what they are. And furthermore, I always thought when it comes to real estate law, you can't discriminate based on race, creed, sex, age, etc. However, it appears the Federal Govt is doing just that by saying that whites shouldn't live together in certain neighborhoods. It's asinine and goes against everything that real estate law speaks of. If you went into Mount Vernon and said "there are too many minority neighborhoods here, we need to bring some whites in," you'd be crucified. So why is it ok for it to be said the other way around??? Rediculous. Get a grip America. I consider myself to be a "minority" in my neighborhood; I wasn't born in America, I came here on a VISA and have worked hard since 14 years old, and I was able to move to Armonk on a 2-acre lot with a gorgeous house thanks to HARD WORK. I never had the opportunity to go to college, I didn't come from money, I made it for myself. Wake up and do the same, don't expect handouts from ANYONE.

Tommy, I agree with your comments all the way. And I want to add, this situation goes back to the days of former Westchester County Executive Andy Spano, who continually kicked this down the road, as he refused to comply with the Federal government's dictate.