Police Say Death Of Katonah Man, 32, Was An Accident

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Bedford Police have confirmed a 32-year old man died in his garage in an accidental death. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Bedford Police

KATONAH, N.Y. -- Rudy Asencio, a 32-year-old Katonah resident, was found dead in his garage at Deer Park Road Monday in what Bedford Police are calling an accidental death.

Bedford Police got a call at 9:38 a.m. on Monday from a woman saying she found her husband in the garage  with the car running and he appeared to be dead, Lt. Jeff Dickan said.

Officers responded and Asencio was found to be deceased for some time, Dickan said. Dickan said Asencio was known to go down into the garage and likely started the vehicle to stay warm before falling asleep.

"He was overcome by the fumes," Dickan said.

Dickan said police didn't see anything suspicious. Asencio, who lived in an apartment with his wife and two children, liked to go into the garage and work on his car, Dickan said.

"It wasn't unusual for him to be down there," Dickan said. "He lived in a cramped space."

Dickan said the fumes were overwhelming when they arrived and they had to call in the fire department to help air it out. 

Dickan said pending toxicology reports, which will take several weeks, the case is considered closed. 

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Comments (2)


If he worked on his truck all the time then he knew not to run the vehicle with the door closed. I even know that and I don't know anything about fixing a car. The first thing I heard is that they had a fight. As Judge Judy would say, if it doesn't smell right....... Who is covering for who ? Just my opinion .


I wonder if he had a friend named Louis Ritigliano?? Who passed "Unfortunately" a few hundred yards away weeks ago...Just a thought...

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