Petition Seeks To Rehire Teacher At Montrose's Hen Hud

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Parents are petitioning to have a teacher reinstated at Hendrick Hudson High School.
Parents are petitioning to have a teacher reinstated at Hendrick Hudson High School. Photo Credit: File

MONTROSE, N.Y. -- About 250 parents and students have signed a petition to reinstate an engineering teacher who resigned following a field trip to New York City recently, according to

Everton Henriques was one of several teachers who resigned after they allegedly left students unattended to have a meal and alcoholic beverages during a school trip to New York. The teachers were granted permission by a supervisor, said. 

Hendrick Hudson Superintendent Joseph Hochreiter reminded parents that no teachers were terminated and that all of them resigned, reported. 

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The ruckus that this incident has caused is incredible. The district has handled this so poorly and too many are suffering as a result. I am sure they (the school board and Superintendent) just hope this dies down over the summer and quietly goes away. Don't let it!

The teachers in question were not scheduled to be part of the trip but were last minute additions because the district had extra tickets that were going to be wasted. The trip was "unsupervised" in the respect that the kids traveled to and from the city by themselves and were supposed to meet the teachers who were "on the trip" at the theatre.

The teachers received permission to go into the restaurant and some (not all) had a drink. They didn't over indulge or show up drunk or disappear from watching the kids. The evening went off without a hitch and it only became a problem later on when A.VP DiGiovanni was discussing the evening with Principle Mackin who made it an issue without knowing all of the facts.

When this became known at the district offices the non-tenured teachers received notices non-renewing them for the fall. Resignation?? Nonsense! How do you make a rash decision on two teachers' careers without even talking to them??? What kind of an investigation is that? That's right, no one bothered to ask the teachers for an explanation on what happened.

Furthermore, and no less important, the tenured teachers were sent letters requiring they sign letters of guilt and pay a fine. The confession letters could result in their teaching licenses being revoked. Adding insult to injury, the fine was to be 1 years pay. WHAT??? Are you serious?? Last I heard the penalty for the tenured teachers hadn't been finalized.

The actions by the Superintendent and the board are extremely aggressive and without merit. These are very well liked teachers who inspire our kids to do more and achieve great things long after they leave town.

These teachers should be reinstated and apologized to. Something I doubt that will happen.

Wonder what you would be saying if they were given permission to do some drugs? Because an administrator makes a dumb decision that does not give them the ok to make another.

These teachers were "forced" to leave-make no mistake about it. They were given permission to have a beer with dinner-yes, they should have known better-but to say they chose to leave is just ridiculous. I wonder what happened to the tenured teachers? Why is that not in the article?

The teachers were forced to resign so the school should be honest about the facts. While the decision by the teachers was misguided even though an administrator said it was ok the pressure to have these teachers leave the district was not appropriate. Mr. Henriques has been a great benefit to this school and we need to stop losing the new/younger teachers who invigorate the students and the school.