BOCES, Uriah Hill May Offer Solution To Peekskill School Crowding

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Peekskill Superintendent of Schools James Willis tells school board members Tuesday night BOCES is considering renting space in the vacant Uriah Hill school. Photo Credit: Art Cusano

PEEKSKILL, N.Y. — The Peekskill City School district is expecting space issues as the student population grows, but BOCES administrators may have the solution.

The district is seeing a large increase in enrollment, Peekskill Superintendent of Schools Jame Willis told school board members at Tuesday night's Board of Education meeting.

"We are up drastically in our population in some grade levels, particularly at Woodside (Elementary) in our pre-k and our kindergarten classes," Willis said. "At Woodside we're up about 65, 70 kids."

That increase has been dealt with previously by creating more classes or increasing some class sizes by a few students. At some point, however, a new solution must be found, Willis said. Options include expanding Woodside to accommodate more students, bringing in portable trailer classrooms or moving prekindergarten classes to the vacant Uriah Hill school.

The last option may be a serious possibility, because Willis said BOCES administrators are considering leasing space in the school.

"They toured Uriah Hill and they were very pleased with what they saw," Willis said. "Tomorrow a lot of the administrators from various programs are also going to be looking at Uriah Hill. Tonight their Board of Education is considering a partnership with Peekskill in which they would look at Uriah Hill as an option for their programs, and we're very confident that something will happen in that regard."

Occupancy in the building would likely start in fall 2013, Willis said. A majority or all of the building could be occupied, she said. The BOCES occupancy could also bring a solution to the crowding at Woodside.

"When I talked about our problems with Woodside and pre-k, they were excited that they could possibly use Uriah Hill as one of their laboratories for their pre-k program," Willis said. "We would create space at Uriah Hill for our pre-k students at which they would provide instruction."

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Comments (4)


Yeah half mile from the Methadone Clinic that should squash the whole deal school is too close our children will be a great risk.


You really want to put 4 year olds back into a 3 level school Uriah Hill. That school would be better suited for older children. What would be nicer if the schools went back to being home based schools where you attend the school in your neighborhood. If you really need to consider moving preK to another school it should really be to a school that does not have so many levels. Oakside or even Hillcrest would be better suited to preK.


Hopefully school tax paying families are behind this major increase of students...


This is a responsible use of vacant space. More importantly, it speaks to filling young minds with knowledge and educational opportunity!

Good work, Peekskill!

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