Peekskill Officials Expect Assumption School To Close

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The possible closing of the Assumption School in the spring could cause an influx of students into Peekskill schools next fall.
The possible closing of the Assumption School in the spring could cause an influx of students into Peekskill schools next fall. Photo Credit: Art Cusano

PEEKSKILL, N.Y. ‒ The Peekskill School District has begun budget planning for next year, a task complicated by the uncertain fate of the city's Catholic elementary school.

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Assumption School parents: If the Assumption School closes this spring where will you send your child next fall?

  • The St. Columbanus School in Cortlandt

  • The Elizabeth Ann Seton School Shrub Oak

  • The St. Augustine School in Ossining

  • The St. Patrick’s School in Yorktown

  • The Peekskill City School District


Peekskill's Assumption School, run by the Church of the Assumption Catholic parish, may be one of dozens closing in the spring under a school reorganization by the Archdiocese of New York.

Peekskill school leaders are anticipating the worst and may have to make room for students who are unable to attend a Catholic school elsewhere, according to Superintendent James Willis.

"We had a meeting with their pastor on Monday, and it's not official yet because they're preparing the notifications, but it's probably going to be closing," Willis said at Tuesday's Board of Education meeting. "The archdiocese won't make an official statement until the end of the month."

There are about 200 students currently enrolled at the Assumption School, in grades K-8, as well as a sizable class of preschoolers. Some of those students would likely be enrolled at Catholic schools in Ossining and Cortlandt, but those schools will only have a limited number of spots.

Peekskill schools saw a large bump in kindergarten enrollment this fall, with three additional classes created to accommodate 60 more students than the prior year. It was not yet clear if this year's influx was a sign of an enrollment trend or a one-time event, Willis said.

Church of the Assumption spokesman Father John Higgins said he had no new information on the fate of his school.

"We’re waiting for the archdiocese to make a decision towards the end of January," Higgins said in a statement Wednesday. "We’re still praying for Assumption School. I’m still of the school that says no news is good news."

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The Catholic Church is being very shortsighted in not supporting its schools which are an extremely important part of our culture. I cannot understand why they don't use their substantial assets to not only keep these schools open, but to try to expand Catholic education throughout the USA. The public schools are no longer allowed to teach faith, religion, morality or even right and wrong. Is it any wonder that we are seeing young men like Adam Lanza who are evil incarnate, who have no scruples or morality,who can do what he did? Mainstream culture has been so debased as to be unrecognizable from what is was even 10-20 years ago.

What a wonderful contribution the Franciscan Sisters and the Assumption parish have made to many generations of Peekskill people .What wonderful contributions Assumption School graduates were enabled , in turn , to make to their families and communties .

My prayers are with you Father Higgins. Our children need Assumption School to remain open.