Details Of Chappaqua's Hillary Clinton's Soon-To-Be-Released Book Revealed

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CHAPPAQUA, N.Y. – Details of Chappaqua resident's Hillary Clinton’s new book “Hard Choices” have been reported by CBS News before the Tuesday, June 10 release date.

Clinton’s latest literary offering details her time as secretary of state, as well as her views on such topics as Benghazi, Russia, Afghanistan and Osama bin Laden. 

She also offers a little personal touch, relaying the emotions both she and husband Bill Clinton experienced during daughter Chelsea’s 2010 wedding and how she dealt with the exhausting jet lag that comes with being secretary of state. But Hillary Clinton offers no final decision on a 2016 presidential run.

Clinton's first interview regarding the book, with ABC News' Diane Sawyer, will be broadcast on ABC-TV at 9 p.m. on Monday, June 9.

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Comments (20)

I don't get the blind reverence to Hillary Clinton by the Democrats lately. They basically tossed her aside 8 years ago for someone who had the thinnest resume of any major candidate to ever run for President, but now she's suddenly a formidable candidate? Can they name one positive accomplishment during her tenure as Secretary of State? Were there any major diplomatic breakthroughs with Iran, North Korea, China, or Russia that she was an integral part of? Does she not bear any responsibility for the total bungling of Benghazi? I think people just attach positive thoughts to her simply because she is married to a President that Dems hold in high regard, and they see a Hillary Presidency as an opportunity to get Bill back in the White House. Frankly, I am more intrigued by the thought of Bill Clinton being back at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave with lots of free time on his hands, and his own staff of interns and assistants- ripe for another Bravo network reality show.

No, just the Belmont Stakes - sorry there was no Triple this year again. Otherwise some good movies - have a good evening - and we will be in discourse again soon I am sure. still talking?

you still watching Faux News?

Greenburgh, first there is no reason to insult or minimize others opinions; that shows a lack of civility. If it is true that we will be "stuck" with Ms. Clinton, your word, than you betray your own support for her. Americans do not want to be "stuck" with a Commander-in-Chief; we all want a President to represent all Americans, regardless of their and our own ideology. People differ on issues and ideology and we all have a right to express those views, sometimes in the only forum we can find, like this Daily Voice. By the way, in the last election, the GOP took control of the House and gained three seats in the Senate and will undoubtedly will gain more seats in the House and have a very good chance of control of the Senate in the November elections. I like progress, rebuilding and inclusion. But is it progress and rebuilding when the President refuses to build the Canadian pipeline, which has been cleared by the EPA, several times, and has the support of each state to which is passes - as well as full support of unions? We are not all full of hate and lies; though fear, maybe...

my comments showed no lack of civility whatsoever. your taking them personally, because you don't like or agree with them, second, I said you're going to be "Stuck" with President Clinton., because , based on your uncivil and distasteful comments here (which were deleted by the moderator, obviously for the reasons I just stated), you obviously don't like her... I will be Very, Very Happy with her in the white house. your GOP control of the house will crumble this fall. that Pipeline will benefit not benefit the US one single ioda. It's the Koch brother pet project and will be used to export oil from canada outside the US. we need to be moving toward cleaner fuels, not encouraging the old dirty ways which are polluting our air, and cause harm to the environment. the GOP main stance right now is Anti Gay, Pro gun (see mass shooting in Georgia yesterday) anti immigration reform,. you name it, they are against it. more tax breaks for billionaires (thats worked out well hasn't it?) oh and Benghazi, Benghazi, Banghazi (which is nothing by the way, and the GOP had just voted for a bill to defund our embassies and then blamed an attack on Obama (which there were hundreds killed at attacks on Embassies under Bush) I need to go no further. I"m merely pointing out facts that you already know, but are unwilling to face them

too bad there's nobody that can beat her in the next presidential race and you guys will be stuck with her as president for the next 8 years .huh? too bad GWB screwed things up for the GOP so bad, that you will be lucky to see another GOP president in your lifetime. and the wackko camp keeps banging the drums, digging your hole deeper, Bachman, Rubio, McConnell., Scott, Perry, Palin.. JOHN BOENER. Oh how I can hear the cry's and wails now, just as you did the last 2 elections and you predicted landslides for the GOP, only to be brought to the sad reality that this country is no longer moving down the path of fear, lies and hate, but to one of progress, rebuilding and inclusion

Yeah, there's nobody who can beat Hillary Clinton in the next Presidential race, unless the misogynist Democrats can find another "person of color" to put up against her - then she'll be kicked to the curb just as she was in 2008. Under the Democrats, this country continues to move down the path of fear, lies and hate. The top 1% continue to rake in trillions of dollars, most of it not taxed, while the middle class is continuing to be eroded by the criminal actions of both parties.

Will she share her personal feelings when Bill was getting sex from Monica Lewinsky in the "Oval" office; or how she said "what difference does it make" when referring to the murder of our Ambassador and three other Americans in Benghazi; or how she fell and had a brain anuerism which can repeat itself anytime; or when she failed to propose any legislation as a Senator from New York; or did not achieve anything notewotthy as Secretary of State, but put our Ambassador in harms way; keep writing books Ms. Clinton, because you will not be the President of these United States.

About 30 years ago, a failure of a Secretary of State named Cy Vance wrote a book called "Hard Choices", detailing his life with failed president Jimmy Carter. Funny how history repeats itself, huh?

lets hope history doesn't repeat itself with another George Bush, the country would not survive it. it almost didn't. He ignored intelligence that told him there was going to be an attack on 9/11. and drove the economy to the utter brink of full collapse. what happened when Jimmy Carter was president pales in comparison

let's hope history doesn't repeat itself with another Barack Obama, a man selected to be President solely because of his skin color and not because he had any leadership experience running a government or even a business.
As for George Bush ignoring intelligence about the attack on 9/11, it was because of Bill Clinton's refusal to deal with the terrorists in the first attack, that led to the second attack. And don't forget that Osama bin Laden was captured by our military but Clinton ordered that he be released.

wow! thats some ripe conspiracy theory there. maybe we should talk about how Regan and bush sr had the Taliban as guests at the white house and provided them with arms for years and years, that were then used against out own military.

First WTC attack, Khobar Towers, and the USS Cole are not conspiracy theories. They really happened.

GreenburghDad - Bill Clinton didn't "capture" Osama bin Laden any more than Barack Obama claimed to "capture" him. But when our military captured bin Laden, Clinton ordered he be released. And he later said, after 9/11, that he regretted it and it was a huge mistake on his part.