Peekskill Man Accused Of Abusing 84-Year-Old Grandmother

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Elegra Dolman
Elegra Dolman Photo Credit: Peekskill POlice
Kevin Hutchinson
Kevin Hutchinson Photo Credit: Peekskill Police
Jose Vargas
Jose Vargas Photo Credit: Peekskill Police

PEEKSKILL, N.Y. ‒ A Peekskill man faces charges of abusing his 84-year-old grandmother, police said.

Elegra Dolman, 43, was arrested Feb. 13 and charged with endangering the welfare of the elderly woman, a misdemeanor.

Dolman allegedly became angry and physically abusive toward his grandmother when his demand for money was not met, according to police. They said Dolman was living with his grandmother. 

Westchester County Adult Protective Services is assisting the grandmother to ensure that she is cared for. Dolman was held for arraignment.

Also from the Peekskill Police blotter:

  • Kevin Hutchinson, 49, of Peekskill was arrested on Feb. 12 and charged with third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance and third-degree criminal sale of a controlled substance, both class D felonies. Hutchinson is accused of selling crack cocaine to undercover officers on numerous occasions over a six-month period. He was arrested as part of a joint investigation by Peekskill and Westchester County Police Narcotic Units. Police said he was taken into custody on the 800 block Main Street and held for arraignment.

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Comments (7)

it's a shame what my cousin did to my aunt(his grandmother) she raised him all her life and he turns around and do this to her. he's a crazy sick individual always was. & i hope he never ever gets out!

I say let Grandma have some beat-down time with this animal.

I agree with Leesther. Didnt he also abuse his mother?

@felicia..This "punk" has a history of beating on women, he just ain't hit the right one,hopefully they'll bunk him with a "trani" and he'll get his just reward,and plenty of beatings....Hope his Grandmother is OK....


Agree with you leesther!

Why wasn't he locked up to begin with?!!..#slaponthewrist3andhalfto9...
Grown Man Attacks Two Teenagers in Lepore Park

Police officers responding to a report of an altercation in Lepore Park encountered two teenage males, 14 and 16 years old, who had allegedly been assaulted by 48-year-old Kevin Hutchinson, a Peekskill resident on April 8 at 5:40 p.m.. Peekskill Sgt. White attempted to take Hutchinson into custody, but he attempted to flee. Sgt. White was eventually able to apprehend Hutchinson and upon his arrest Officer Merritt located several baggies of crack cocaine on his person. It is unclear why Hutchinson assaulted the two boys, however it appeared as if he was intoxicated and behaving irrationally, police reported. Hutchinson was charged with third degree assault, seventh degree criminal possession of a controlled substance and obstruction of governmental administration, all misdemeanors. He was held for arraignment in Peekskill City Court without bail.

And "Legs" should go straight to hell for beating on his G-Ma....