Peekskill Fire Department Elects New Fire Officers

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The Peekskill Fire Department has elected new officers for 2013. Photo Credit: Art Cusano

PEEKSKILL, N.Y. -- The Peekskill Fire Department will have new leaders starting in January.

The department held its election on Friday, and Bob Fiorio was elected to be the new chief after serving as First Assistant Chief for the past three years.

Vincent Malastina was elected to be the new First Assistant chief while John Rose was elected to be Second Assistant Chief.

Current Chief Lenny Varella will become a deputy chief after nine years in a chief role. Peekskill chiefs usually spend three years in the second assistant chief position before being named first assistant chief and later chief, fire officials said.

Mike Sniffen was elected First Department Captain, while Ben See was elected to be Second Department Captain.

Three First Lieutenants were also elected: John Otice, Keneil Derdack and Joe Pagano.

About 80 city firefighters voted in the election, which Varella said was an average turnout.

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