Some Questions To Ponder If Astorino Runs For Governor

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Greenburgh Supervisor Paul Feiner
Greenburgh Supervisor Paul Feiner Photo Credit: File photo

GREENBURGH, N.Y. -- In the next month or two, Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino will make an important decision - whether to run for governor or to continue working full-time as Westchester county executive.

These are some questions I think should be asked of him if he chooses to run for governor:

* If the county executive decides to run for governor how many hours a week will he be devoting to his job as County Executive?
* Will he agree to punch in (time clock) like other employees so taxpayers can  make sure he actually goes to  work?
* If he is out of Westchester most of the time, raising funds or meeting with GOP officials around the state, will he still accept his full-time salary?
* Should the county executive's salary (if he runs for governor) be paid for by his campaign re-election committee if he doesn't put in a 40-hour week in Westchester?

County Executive Astorino currently has $1 million in his campaign coffers. Gov. Andrew Cuomo has more than $30 million.

To be credible Rob Astorino needs to raise tens of millions of dollars. That's going to take many hours. It's almost impossible to devote less than full-time to a credible governor's campaign.

It's almost impossible to continue to be able to function as county executive while having to raise funds for a campaign for governor and to get known statewide.

I feel that the voters were misled. Rob raised more than $4 million for his successful re-election campaign for county executive. If he was planning to run for governor, he should have disclosed his intentions during his campaign for county executive.

Rob didn't even wait hours before he started his campaign for governor. Immediately after he won, he packed his bags to meet with state officials in Puerto Rico, starting his campaign for governor.  He continued with meetings with (New Jersey) Gov. Christie and Republican governors.

And, almost every day, he's traveling around the state meeting with Republican leaders and potential funders talking about his campaign.

In recent days I have read articles about County Executive Astorino meeting with officials in Syracuse, Erie County, Long Island and elsewhere about his campaign.  We should have been told that he was going to do that before election day.

What do you think?

Paul Feiner is supervisor of the Town of Greenburgh.

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Comments (31)

Mr. Feiner, based on your logic, "If the county executive decides to run for governor how many hours a week will he be devoting to his job as County Executive?" no sitting elected official should ever run for a higher office. Is this the logic you apply to running Greenburgh?

Mr. Feiner can you prove that you do any work? Do you punch a time clock?
"Will he agree to punch in (time clock) like other employees so taxpayers can make sure he actually goes to work?" Once again, appears to demonstrate that you are nothing but a democrat hit man, fronting for Andrew or should I say Mario Jr.

" If he is out of Westchester most of the time, raising funds or meeting with GOP officials around the state, will he still accept his full-time salary?
* Should the county executive's salary (if he runs for governor) be paid for by his campaign re-election committee if he doesn't put in a 40-hour week in Westchester? " Once again, should we apply this to all politicians?

Mr. Feiner, I really do wonder what Greenburgh sees in you. A candidate who ran on term limits. I really wonder.

feiner out fishing?

This guy, huh? He's hilarious. And completely pathetic. You are not a model public servant, Paul. You are a joke. I don't care if Rob logs 10 hours a week as executive, as long as he wins governor. We need someone like him.

If Astorino were a Democrat, Feiner would be defending him to the hilt and Feiner knows that only too well.

OMG I fell off my seat laughing at Feiner's comment. He should just shortcut the process and put down the amount of time he actually works! This guy is always in the supermarket or at one of the parks campaigning 24/7 on his own behalf! That's on top of the tens of thousands of tax payer dollars he uses for his mailings "to update the public on the wonderful work he does on our behalf." This is the same guy that ran over 20 years ago on the platform of "term limits" - given this is the only job he can land I doubt he still believes in term limits.

Everyone is so surprised by the bully politics being reported with Gov. Christie - hello out there...Feiner was the original bully and continues to be one. Do things his way or no way - look at what's happening with WestHelp - over a million dollars of rental income lost each year because he refused to renew the lease with the County. Why? Because he promised the neighborhood he wouldn't support it in exchange for his votes. When he came into office over 20 years ago he fired anyone who supported his opponent - he either directly fired them or "eliminated their positions" and then reinstated those same positions 6 months later with his appointees. There's a whole list of bullying that went on the last 22 years - why isn't anyone investigating him? He tried to strong arm the Fortress Bible Church to "donate" a $250,000 fire truck to the Fairview Fire Dept. in exchange for fast tracking their application. When they didn't cough it up he did everything within his abuse of power to block it. Result? The court found his guilty of violating the church's constitutional rights and for destroying public documents - hmmm, still no investigation! The church sued the Town and won a recordbreaking $6.5 million settlement against the Town, actually, against the taxpayers thanks to Feiner.

Get this guy out of office!

you should write this letter to the daily voice as an op-ed piece and get front page exposure. feiner is just towing the party line, hes a disgrace. how does he keep getting re-elected?

COMPROMISE SUGGESTION that should apply to all incumbent elected officials seeking higher office while they are being paid in their current job: The official seeking higher office should be required to provide the legislature with their daily schedule and a log highlighting how much time they worked in their elected job. If Rob is in Syracuse the entire day or fundraising he shouldn't get paid. On the other hand if the County Executive devotes part of the day to county business he would get paid for the portion of the day that he is working for the taxpayers. This concept would set a new standard for candidates seeking higher office.
If Rob spends 90% of his time campaigning for Governor, his campaign should pay his salary and taxpayers should pick up only 10% of the salary.

Mr. Feiner as I read it, from apparently your own constituents, your are the biggest fraud going. I think anyone, as yourself who ran on term-limits should be restricted from running for office again because of their support of term-limits. I also believe, based on the logic and rules you want to apply to Mr, Astorino, that we the taxpaying citizens, should be reimbursed for any active office holder over the last 50 years who spent time campaigning, while holding that office. Mr, Feiner you get more absurd everyday. I think for the taxpayers, who pay your salary, and thankfully I do not live in Greenburgh, you should resign.

Good idea! And it should be applied to ALL politicians, up to and including the President. President Obama is on vacations much of his time, and at the expense of the taxpayers. So how about he not be paid his unjustifiable salary for all the time he spends on the golf courses, etc?

Lets face it even if Count Executive Rob Astorino is in White Plains once a month he is still will be better for Westchester than if Noam Bramson was there
24 /7.

Feiner is a fake and a fraud, just as are his compatriots Lowey and Bramson. They have double standards. If Astorino was a Dem, Feiner wouldn't be saying anything.

Once again Feiner is ignoring his own situation when HE ran for Congress. Paul did you punch in and out? In fact do you now? Moreover why don't any of your Dept. Heads punch in or out? No. For some reason you divided your workforce into several sections of acountablity; those who make the least punch in, those with the highest pay DON'T. Does this practice serve the public interest? Does it increase moral to have different standards?

Astorino has been the best thing for Westchester and will be the best thing for NY State. Funny how Feiner and other libs didn't care about a freshman Senator from Illionois running for President; someone who never ran anything except groups of anarchists I dare say, Astorino has more executive AND business acumen than Obama had when he ran. Cuomo Obama all cut from the same cloth. We deserve better. Our children deserve better

More of Feiner’s deflections to take the focus off of him as he costs the Greenburgh $6,500,000 in fines with the Fortress Bible case. He is GUILTY on seven counts! He should be removed from office and be sent to jail!!!!

Anybody receiving a full time salary should be putting on a full time effort for their pay. Period. The petty BS comments here don't answer the question.

Mr Feiner,
I think in your case you are the poster child for term limits... And maybe doing away with elected officials pensions. Lets set the system so there is no incentive to stay 22+ years in public office.,, Paul, as the saying goes "your time is up" and long over due and its been a costly tenure to the tax payers

Feiner, you say if 40 hour week is not done , he does not deserve his salary. How about taking a look in the mirror?because of your poor decisions , and racist attitude you have cost the town millions of dollars . then you give yourself and staff an undeserved raise! Explain that one to the greenburgh taxpayers.

Say, Robmaur-

Where was your rule when the Senator from Illinois spent his entire Capitol Hill career running for president, and little else?

It seems to me that it should be required by law that when an incumbent elected official decides to run for another office that he or she MUST resign from their current office since politicking, money raising and running for election will now be their FULL TIME endeavor and their current office usually becomes completely neglected even though they still get paid but do no work for the people. Either another appointee or a special election should be held to fill the now virtually VACANT office. This should apply to County Supervisors, Congressmen, Senators, Governors (take note Mr. Christie), etc. If they get elected to the new post they are going to resign anyway. If they do not get elected to the new post they can run for their old office in the next election.

Robmaur- how is this any different from when an incumbent runs for re-election for the same office? Is there any less campaigning, fundraising, or politicking involved? If Astorino runs against Cuomo, will Cuomo spend less time campaigning than Astorino just because he is running for re-election to the same office as opposed to higher office?

Wow thanks for such an insightful piece of garbage. Will your next run for office be for County Exec? Hacks like you should never be allowed to run for anything but dog catcher.

Unlike your not being productive while you ARE in the office, whether Astorino runs or not is not an issue that you have to worry about because you don't sign off on his time card. If he is out of town or simply out of the office, just like you took off with the death of your father (condolences), government continues to function. In your case, I dare say it functions better without you! You are right however, voters were misled - by you! You said Greenburgh’s insurance would pay the federal courts $6.5 million GUILTY verdict IN FULL for the Fortress Bible Church decision against you. They won't. They are only paying $1 million. Another of your lies to the public. Anyone who wants to read more can go to and read the other side never presented in the lamestream media. You're a phony, hypocrite and fraud who has lied his way through office for 22 years. Get lost!

Mr. Feiner, did you ask these same questions when Senators Clinton and Obama ran for President? Especially of Senator Clinton who was your elected representative at the time. How about of Noam Bramson, who was mayor of New Rochelle while running for County Executive?

Hey Feiner, TWENTY-TWO-YEARS ?!?!?!?!

Twenty Two?

Two decades, plus? Just when the hell do you think it might be time for YOU to shove off the teat in Greenburgh and find yourself another gig? Or are you some sort of indispensable human being, without which the poor citizens of Greenburgh wouldn't know how to take care of themselves.

Your boy Noam Bramson got his @ss kicked in November, get over it.

paul if are a democrat than having the conversation is mute because majority of this country is ready to make a move to remove all that put us in these shoes majority will be democrats and some republicans...not really interested in your debate

oh please i at this point would vote for a republican ant on the ground just to get rid of this mess the democrats made...its fine either way if Rob runs no big deal he can still do his job get over it nay sayers

It's always a good thing when the lawyer/politician types of either party are distracted from messing us up.Go for it-run for Governor. Go for it-run for President, just GO.

Wondering if this would this be an issue if Astorino was a democrat? If he were, would he be encouraged and supported instead? Democrats still just can't figure out how this republican won in this overwhelmingly liberal democrat county.

If the County Executive isn't going to be around for the next 11 months working on Westchester issues, why should taxpayers be paying his full time salary? If he puts in a 40 hour week in Westchester and runs for Governor on his time, not ours, there is no problem.
When most people get hired for a job and don't show up for work they don't get paid.
I am hoping to begin a discussion --if the public buys into having new policies set for elected officials, it should apply to everyone, democrats and republicans.

Gee, do you think the president should have answer those questions as well?? I doubt it. How much do we taxpayers fork out for his flying all over the country for democrats fund raisers and vacations? How much time does he spend doing his job? Doesn’t look like 40 hours to me since he is unaware of all the scandals going on under his watch. This statement is true partisan politics and I think we should have known you, Mr. Feiner, were going to spew this kind of democrat junk before you were elected. Maybe you wouldn’t be there..

Spoken like a true Democrat hack.