Taconic, Sprain, Saw Mill Parkways Backed Up In Storm

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North Salem resident Steve Schiavone shot this photo Wednesday from his car on the Sprain Brook Parkway.
North Salem resident Steve Schiavone shot this photo Wednesday from his car on the Sprain Brook Parkway. Photo Credit: Steve Schiavone

MOUNT PLEASANT, N.Y. – Daily Voice readers traveling north on the Sprain Brook and Taconic State parkways in Westchester County report that the highways have high traffic volume and hazardous conditions as snow falls from the nor'easter.

Kieran O'Leary, spokesman with the Westchester County Police Department, released a statement Wednesday saying conditions on the Saw Mill and other parkways are deteriorating due to the snow and cold temperatures. The roadways are icy and there are multiple accidents, all minor so far. The statement are urged motorists to use extreme caution through the remainder of the rush hour because of the road conditions.

"I've been on Saw Mill Parkway and now the Taconic for more than 90 minutes from Tarrytown, and traffic is hardly moving," Yorktown resident Keanna Maltzman said. "It is very slow-moving."

Steve Schiavone of North Salem was headed home on the northbound Sprain Brook Parkway. Schiavone said power was off at his home and he was hoping to get home to his family as soon as possible.

Daily Voice staff members report that the Hutchinson River Parkway through Mount Vernon is also backed up as rush hour collides with the storm.

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Comments (2)

Okay, this was a total mess! The roads were not prepared for the storm, neither it seems were the drivers of cars... come on people, we've had almost 2 weeks of warnings that this storm was coming-put your snow tires on or stay off the roads!

I can't tell you how many little cars I saw sliding away down roads, off to the sides of the roads or down embankments because they couldn't handle the roads.

Yes, the roads were totally unprepared- it appeared that there were no salting trucks nor plows for the entire 90 minute trip last night...one that usually takes me 30-40 minutes.

And yes, I know- people had to get out to work and a lot of them must have been usually transit people, so not used to driving maybe... I'm sure a lot of them had bosses that said, you don't come in, you don't get paid... (and then said, stay off the roads people... ahem, yeah, right) but safety has to be number 1... and last night an awful lot of people made a hazardous trip much more so for their fellow drivers.