Peekskill Schools Spent $200K On Transcript Scandal

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PEEKSKILL, N.Y. -- The Peekskill school district paid Long Island firm Ingerman Smith more than $200,000 to look into a high school transcript scandal where 34 seniors received credits for a class that no longer existed, reports

According to the report, there is no account of the findings from the investigation but more of a focus on the case against four guidance counselors.

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What a ludicrous waste of my - and my neighbors' - tax dollars.

They couldn't have gotten one of their overpaid administrators to look into it, internally? Yet another local example of bloated bureaucracy affecting the lives of its citizens in very real ways.

As if the city of Peekskill can afford to now 200 large that might've been better spent on improving the education and culture within the community...