Peekskill Recreation Dept. Plans Fees For Kiley Center

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The Peekskill recreation department is planning to implement registration fees for programs at the Kiley Center in the coming months. Photo Credit: Art Cusano

PEEKSKILL, N.Y. – Parents of children who use the Kiley Youth Center may soon have to pay a registration fee to take part in activities there.

Recreation Department employee Ray Glashoff said Monday that the department was planning to begin implementing registration fees in the next few months.

“We’ll be designating a week per quarter for registration,” Glashoff said.

The Kiley Center has a revenue target of $30,000 for the year that staff is hoping to meet, officials said.  Director Joyce Cuccia is recommending a $10 registration fee for each child per quarter.

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Comments (2)


There are many families that cannot afford to pay for theses activities they are struggling to keep food in their mouths, clothes on the kids backs and bills paid. Also you have children that live in Federal housing in Bohlman, Dunbar and Turnkey as well that can barely make ends meet as it is and now this. Most of the kids that go to the Kiley Center are from the housing projects and they do not participate in Parks and Rec programs to begin with because their parents cannot afford it.
It is so unfair in this economic climate to charge for this and most of the time the activities listed are not even happening.


I think it's unfair to start charging kids to play these kids been going to the kiley for years because they can't afford to join all the programs the city has to offer now you want to take this from them to so many kids will be out on the street Peekskill should be ashamed charging kids to play somewhere they already been playing for years.

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