Nurses File $200K Civil Suit Against Douglas Kennedy

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Northern Westchester Hospital nurses Cari Luciano and Anna Lane have filed a civil case against Douglas Kennedy, who was acquitted of criminal charges last week. Photo Credit: Liz Button
Cari Luciano (behind woman in purple) and Anna Lane (not pictured) are asking to be compensated for assault and emotional distress, among other charges. Photo Credit: Liz Button

MOUNT KISCO, N.Y. ‒ Two Northern Westchester Hospital nurses filed a civil lawsuit Tuesday seeking $200,000 in damages from Douglas Kennedy for allegedly assaulting them during an altercation at the hospital earlier this year.

Kennedy, a son of the late U.S. Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, was acquitted last week in Mount Kisco Court of criminal charges stemming from the Jan. 7 incident. 

In the civil suit, filed in State Supreme Court in White Plains, Cari Luciano and Anna Lane are asking Kennedy to compensate them for two counts each of negligence, assault, battery, negligent infliction of emotional distress and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Luciano and Lane testified at the criminal trial that they were trying to stop Kennedy from leaving the hospital's maternity ward with his 2-day-old son, Bo, when he assaulted them. 

They said Kennedy twisted Lane’s arm, then kicked Luciano in the groin as she reached toward the baby. They said they told Kennedy it was against hospital rules for him to take the newborn from the ward.

In the days before the criminal trial, it was revealed that Kennedy had rejected a confidential March 19 “settlement proposal” written by the nurses' lawyer, Elliot Taub.

The nurses confirmed during trial that Taub drew up a proposal that, among other requests, included monetary payment. They have denied accusations by the defense that they are determined to get Kennedy's money.

Kennedy has hired attorney Michael Bono of Manhattan law firm Wade Clark Mulcahy to represent him in the civil case. Bono said his client is innocent of the charges.

The civil complaint charges that Kennedy "unlawfully touched Plaintiff Cari Luciano in an unconsented manner including causing a forceful and violent encounter with Plaintiff's body...kicking her, thereby propelling her body through the air and causing injuries of both body and mind" as well as "physically and forcefully twisting the arm of Plaintiff Anna Lane.”

The complaint states that the nurses have “and will continue to suffer physical and psychological injuries with pain and suffering of both body and well as special damages and loss and/or diminution in [their] enjoyment of life."

The complaint also claims that the emotional pain inflicted “ha[s] caused and will cause the need for psychological intervention and treatment.”

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This is laughable....Hear me now and hear me later, this case will go nowhere...Have the nurses been out on disability since the incident? If not, how can they plead assault or battery? One could argue they should not have placed their hands on Kennedy. If the rules of the hospital state the child cannot be removed from the floor, they should have called security and let them deal with Kennedy. Well, their extortion attempt failed so let's see how they do in a trial situation....A situation where Kennedy can hire ten lawyers for every one the nurses retain. Should be interesting....

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