New Mayor Frank Catalina Proposes Audit Of Peekskill Finances

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Frank Catalina was sworn in as Peekskill mayor on New Year's Day.
Frank Catalina was sworn in as Peekskill mayor on New Year's Day. Photo Credit: Catalina For Mayor Website

PEEKSKILL, N.Y. – Peekskill Mayor Frank Catalina called for an independent audit of Peekskill's finances when he was sworn in as mayor on Wednesday, Jan. 1.

Catalina, a Republican, made the city’s financial management one of his signature themes during the election last fall. Catalina unseated Democrat Mary Foster in the November election.

“If I’m wrong about the city’s finances I will be the first person to come to this podium and apologize,” Catalina said during his New Year’s Day speech, according to The Examiner.

Catalina also called for a public referendum on a controversial central firehouse project be held in May and the establishment of a Peekskill Diamond Commission to begin planning for the city’s 75th anniversary in 2015, according to The Examiner report.

Catalina, an attorney, was the city's deputy corporation counsel from 1982-1990 and corporation counsel from 2000-2001. He also served on the Peekskill Board of Education, Housing Authority, Industrial Development Agency and Planning, Zoning and Human Relations Boards. He is also a member of the Peekskill Rotary Club and several other Peekskill civic organizations.

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Comments (3)

As a Peekskill taxpayer I have no interest in financing Mr. Catalina's witch hunt. The city's finances have been audited by the office of the NYS Controller, Thomas DiNapoli and judged to be sound. Catalina's having a "Holy Crap" moment right now. He's promised everyone and their mother something and now it's time to deliver. He needs an out. So you and I will pay tens of thousands of dollars for a partisan auditor to come in and say the opposite of what we've been told by the NYS CONTROLLERS OFFICE, this will become "The Financial Gospel of Frank." Incense will be burned and it will be sighted with much reverence each time he defaults on one of his promises. And I'm sure it will prophesies next years double digit tax increase that will be the fault of no one but Frank Catalina.

The audit has been released and is no way is the in the condition described by the Mayor.... so where is his apology or statement on just why he disagrees with the favorable report by the State Audit? Where is the follow up?

If Mr. Catalina doesn't do another thing while he's in office, the firehouse referendum would be his crowning achievement. I haven't seen a lot in the press during the last year about this disastrous proposal, but the cost and maintenance are simply unsupportable. The taxpayers of Peekskill who were fortunate enough to sell their properties in the last few years, have already been paying an additional tax (I think it's 1% of the sale price) and the money is supposedly earmarked for the new firehouse. When the Mayor does his proposed audit, maybe he can find out where the money went- is it really in a separate, locked box account? Or did it go into the General slush fund? Either way, that money belongs to the taxpayers and it should be refunded to them if the firehouse goes down.