MTA Not Refunding Customers After Sandy

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The MTA decided over the weekend to not refund its passengers monthly MetroCards.
The MTA decided over the weekend to not refund its passengers monthly MetroCards. Photo Credit: Phil Corso/file photo

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N. Y. – MetroCards purchased before Hurricane Sandy struck will not be refunded, the MTA announced Monday.

“The decision was made over this weekend,” said MTA spokesperson Aaron Donovan. “This is the same reaction we took after Hurricane Irene.”

Donovan said that October MetroCards were allowed to be used until Nov. 5, which means it is not “purely non-refundable.” He also said people rode free on subways and commuter rails Nov. 1 and Nov 2.

The MTA system was struck hard by Hurricane Sandy, but much of its service has reopened. 

Do you believe the MTA made the right or wrong choice? Let us know with your comments below.

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Comments (2)

I am a monthly pass holder (New Haven Line) and at first thought we should be discounted but we shouldn't. Why should we be discounted for something we used. I took the train on Thursday (Nov 1st) and my normal 42 minute train took 50. Should I get discounted for that? No. The idea of the Free tickets was to make it easier for everyone not to have to get their tickets until the following Monday. I know that made it easier for me not to have to worry. Yes, daily people saved some money but you didn't lose money and you weren't without a train. There were trains on Thursday. Considering the Storm was Monday/Tuesday and by Weds afternoon trains were limited and Thursday they were almost fully running with some delays, I would say that's not too bad.
Don't get me wrong, I think the MTA is horrible. They raise our rates over and over. With the amount of tolls and tickets, there is no way they should be in debt. But we all know there is money going to places that it shouldn't be.

Also, if they did credit us for this, all you're doing is taking more money out of the MTA which would just cause them to raise out ticket prices sooner. Sad but true.

Anyway, I would normally agree with you on the MTA and getting money back, but not in this case.

They made the wrong choice because a monthly pass holder like me got no benefit other than you waited a few extra days to buy the monthly pass for November. Either way I paid the same amount so I did not ride "free" as the monthly pass runs from November 1st to the 30th. The only people who "benefited" and I use that word lightly, were the ones who buy a day to day ticket pass. My October monthly pass means I prepaid the whole month in advance. There should have been a discount for train pass users off their November train pass. I don't think the MTA thinks about their regular everyday customers when they make these decisions. We are the ones who ride the train everyday paying a lot of money for these monthly passes and are the ones who never get any refund or discount if something goes wrong. Whether they allowed us to ride "free" or not November 1st & 2nd means nothing if your November monthly pass covers you for those days anyway. I have a Westchester county bus pass attached to my November monthly and there were no free rides on the Westchester MTA buses the bus driver told me so I had to have my pass on November 1st anyway. So the free bus thing only applied to NYC.