Final Round Of Storm Could Bring Up To 9 Inches Overnight In Peekskill

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A car buried in the snow on Thursday morning in Yonkers.
A car buried in the snow on Thursday morning in Yonkers. Photo Credit: Toni Gugliotta

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- The worst of a powerful Nor'easter that brought up to a foot of snow in parts of Westchester County had ended by the early to middle of the afternoon Thursday, but the 24-hour storm is expected to deal one parting shot before finally exiting.

A Winter Storm Warning remains in effect until 6 a.m. Friday, with overnight snow expected that could bring an additional 5 to 9 inches of accumulation, according to the National Weather Service.

The National Weather Service is reporting the follow unofficial snowfall totals as of 2 p.m. Thursday:

Bronxville, 13. 3 inches

Hastings, 12.5 inches

Harrison, 10.5 inches

Mount Kisco, 10.5 inches

Yonkers, 10.5 inches

Armonk, 10.2 inches

Somers, 9.0 inches

Peekskill, 9.0 inches

Drivers are still being warned to stay off of roads on Thursday. Freezing rain and sleet should turn to all snow after 10 p.m. Snow could be heavy at times and there could be Thundersnow.

Friday will provide a brief respite from snow with mostly sunny skies and a high near 40.

But more snow is expected overnight Friday as a clipper system could bring 2 to 4 inches accumulation before ending by midday Saturday.

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Comments (8)

This damn global warming again

it's not Global Warming, it's global Climate Change and that's exactly what we are seeing right now, look out your front window

I'm "sickofmorons" like you who illegally park in spaces paid for by permit holders like me. They didn't give tickets today but should have to keep thieves like you from stealing my space.

I'm sorry if I missed it, but please show me *anything* I said that had anything to do with permit holders and stealing spaces. Anything.
Didn't think so .

I am assuming that the idiots from the parking bureau did not follow through with their plan to ticket people today. Can you imagine the cops digging through 8 inches of snow to leave a ticket on your windshield? Then it snows another 10 inches and you don't even *know* you have a ticket? They would probably then hit you with a late payment charge.
Comforting to know we're in such good hands.


you don't have to shovel heat

In 4 months it will be too hot.