Daily Voice Launches Putnam County Site

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Photo Credit: Suzanne Samin

PUTNAM COUNTY, N.Y. - Greetings, Putnam!

Today Daily Voice, the largest news provider in Fairfield and Westchester counties, launches its newest site, Putnam Daily Voice.

Daily Voice covers community news in a new way. Our mission is to let neighbors know what’s going on in town – as quickly, accurately and enjoyably as possible. We’re here to help build the communities we serve, not snipe at them or knock them down. Daily Voice wants to hear your opinions, not impress you with ours. We aim to be your “digital town green,” where the conversation is kept civil and all are glad to gather to listen and learn.

Our reporting is up-to-the-minute. A jack-knifed tractor-trailer on 684? A tree downed on Route 6? Metro-North with yet another delay? (Not again!) What are the most exciting events in town? Who’s running for office? Who died? Neighbor’s homes just listed for sale? New businesses opening? Parades? Celebrations? We’ll let you know quickly and dependably – within minutes, if the news is urgent. Visit us on your phone, tablet, or laptop. We’re here 24/7, 365 days a year, even Christmas.

We founded Daily Voice in 2010, because we could see newspaper readership dwindling as neighbors abandoned print for screens. Today, few Americans under the age of 42 read news on paper – and that number rises a year each year.

We love newspapers – that’s our background – but to be heard, we must speak in the language of our time. Today’s language is digital. We want to be your digital town green.

While other news outlets cut back on community news, we can’t publish enough. Please, please, send us your news. No story is unimportant if it’s important to you. Send your news to reporters Tom Auchterlonie at tauchterlonie@dailyvoice.com or Sam Barron at sbarron@dailyvoice.com, copying our outstanding Managing Editor, Joe Lombardi, at jlombardi@dailyvoice.com. And if we’re not responsive, let me know at ctucker@dailyvoice.com. Do your best to include a picture – a snap from your smart phone works great.

Sign up for our daily e-blast at the top of this page. It’s free and keeps you in-the-know. While you’re at it, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Most important, tell us your news so we can tell your neighbors.

In Westchester and Fairfield counties, Daily Voice is now by far the largest news provider. Google Analytics tell us that out of a population of 1.5 million folks, more than half a million visit Daily Voice several times a month. This may the highest penetration by any news medium of any market ever – but with your help we can do better, better every day.

So welcome, Putnam neighbors. This site belongs to you. We are here to serve.

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