New York Is Among States Where $100 Is Worth Least

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New York is one of the states where $100 is "worth" the least.
New York is one of the states where $100 is "worth" the least. Photo Credit:

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- The Tax Foundation released a report recently that ranked New York as one of the states where $100 is "worth" the least. 

The Tax Foundation took the average prices of similar goods to determine how far $100 would go in the 50 sates and Washington, D.C. 

The worst performing states were: District of Columbia ($84.60), Hawaii ($85.32), New York ($86.66), New Jersey ($87.64), and California ($88.57).

Conversley, the best performing states included: Mississippi ($115.74), Arkansas ($114.16), Missouri ($113.51), Alabama (113.51), and South Dakota ($113.38).

Neighboring Connecticut fared better than the Empire State, but still fell below the national average, with $100 equating to $91.41 compared to areas closer to the average. 

Click here to see the full report. 

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Comments (13)

So easy to spend it, so hard to earn it. You walk out the door in this county and 100 bucks is gone.

I don't think the problem is Dem vs. Rep. The problem isn't money spent to help the poor, either. The problem is corporations and greed. They have found ways to increase their profits, decimate workers, get subsidies, and create a tax burden on all of us (by not paying their workers a living wage and forcing them to go on food stamps etc). And everything is being privatized and for-profit---prisons, the military/defense, schools, health care. Then all that profit just rises to the top and regular people can barely get by. This country cannot go on like this. The rich/poor gap is too wide.

Maybe well said but entirely incorrect. Business is leaving BECAUSE of too high taxes. People are leaving the state BECAUSE of too high taxes. The social mandates at the local state and national level are borderline ridiculous, thanks to corrupt politicians. Blaming business is ham-handed and total nonsense. When did a politician ever create a real job? They didn't. Business did. And what privatization are you talking about? Schools? Nope. Military? Nope! But why isn't Playland privatized? It costs Westchester boatloads of money and would be better off in private hands, yet you whine that things are better off in govt hands? must work in govt. to make these comments.

Actually, businesses are falling over themselves to avoid paying ANY taxes. They go to other states to pay less even though they can profit through the benefits of taxes--the building of maintenance of transportation structure, the education of their workforce, the security and safety of their personnel and buildings, etc., etc. It is a race to the bottom. They are even putting (hiding?) money overseas to avoid taxes...trillions of it.

Prisons are privatized so they are burgeoning. Judges have been caught putting people in prison and being paid off!

Emergency services are getting privatized so fewer people profit at the expense of the front-line workers.

The government employed plenty and much of our problems have been caused by letting them go. Phil Reisman revealed in one of his columns what the reduction in taxes was on his father's property after Astorino letting go of hundreds of employees and it was negligible.

You're listening to, believing and telling a story which is false. Look deeper! And I don't work for the government!

well said

hey dem corruption costs money, don't you know?

Isn't this because we live right near Wall Street and have one of the greatest concentrations of wealth in the world? That's what makes the dollar worth less here. Also, why sell things to the middle class when there are so many rich people to buy them.

Yes, I just checked the states per capita and basically this report is saying that if you live in a poor state, your dollar will go further. But you gotta love the framing of it all. Suggesting in New York that our dollar doesn't go as far...yes, but because we have a stronger economy!!! We're not in the crapper; Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama...they're in the crapper!!! (but their dollar goes further there)

well, I checked the same charts. while you suggest it's because they are "poor" states, I tend to think progressive high tax policies make the dollars worth less here in NY, NJ etc... I guess you think we don't we have lots of poor in NY, NJ, etc.... and do you really think NC, SC, TN , KY OH, PA, GA, TX, and FL are poor states? really?

and Gaurand, the states listed in the article where the dollars go further are Mississippi (the lowest per capita in earnings), Arkansas (the second lowest per capita), Alabama (5th lowest), Missouri (16th) and South Dakota (18th). Now SD is sparsely populated which affects the dollar. Missouri, I suspect, has large populations of poor people. (Of course, than effects NY's standing, too.) Florida has cut taxes so much that neighborhoods hire their own security forces instead of using police departments. I'd rather pay taxes. And TX is having so-o-o-o-o-o many problems. Kentucky, the state that loves the AHA but hates Obamacare, what can I say?

I see provincial bigotry in your comments, enabling you to rationalize high prices, and high taxes as if it's the natural order of things. it's not. it's govt taking and wasting billions that causes high taxes and govt mandates that increase costs. little wonder, when incomes can no longer rise, that businesses leave and people leave the state. it's unaffordable and becoming more so for everyone.

I just moved from another state where the income is lower and guess what, so are the prices! Eating out is cheaper, going out, music, the movies, everything is other words, your dollar goes further. New York pays the highest incomes along with NJ, California...people in Hawaii are just plain rich and that affects the prices of things. Also, it makes businesses cater to the rich when you are living in the middle of so many rich people. Our taxes have to pay enough so the lower paid workers can afford to live here where there services are needed. The fact that the gains in production were not evenly distributed and those at the top took, and continue to take more of their fair share is making the middle class feel the impact harder. We should be united against the 1% and not fighting amongst ourselves over less and less money.

you hopefully earn more income in high tax states to cover the tax. you don't seem to understand that. you are an insipid whiner, one of those who think other people's money belongs to you to do as you choose.

Keep voting Dem..and this is what happens. Our beloved state is in the crapper.