Chappaqua's Hillary Clinton Talks 'Everyday Pleasures' In New York Magazine

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Hillary Clinton, a Chappaqua resident, was profiled this week.
Hillary Clinton, a Chappaqua resident, was profiled this week. Photo Credit: File Photo

CHAPPAQUA, N.Y. – Chappaqua resident Hillary Clinton was the subject of a New York Magazine profile this week that highlighted her family’s nonprofit foundation, her time at home enjoying “ordinary, everyday pleasures,” her career as First Lady and Secretary of State, and the possibility of a run for president.

Referring to the first time since 1992 that she has been free from the demands of a national political campaign or public office, Clinton reportedly told the magazine that she’s enjoying her time deciding what to do next.

“Because I have been on this high wire for twenty years, and I was really yearning to just have more control over my time and my life, spend a lot of that time with my family and my friends, do things that I find relaxing and enjoyable, and return to the work that I had done for most of my life,” Clinton was quoted as saying.

To read the full New York Magazine article, click here.

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She should be sentanced to life in prison for treason in ignoring the brave Americans in Benghazi. It is a travesty that the Voice even scripts any article about her, until she admits to her crimes against the USA. That would be news, finally - and a surprise if she took responsibility. 'What does it matter' she says!